NeMo (Negotiation Module) is a platform which supports hospital and payer contract negotiations.

NeMo provides your negotiation teams with rapid, rich and granular insights into hospital pricing and quality, together with workflow support to ensure a streamlined, data-driven negotiation process. Using the insights provided by NeMo, the negotiation conversation can move away from price alone, towards consideration of provider quality driving better healthcare outcomes for patients.

The key benefits for negotiators using the tool are:

  • Health intelligence on relative provider value, based on historical claims data
  • Clear visualisation of peer group comparison on price and quality
  • Supporting evidence to compare peer hospitals on quality and price over time

With support for the wide variety of cost and pricing methods in the marketplace, NeMo’s payment model and forecast calculations can be applied to current, future and what-if pricing scenarios with ease. NeMo enables real-time modelling so users can model changes in the lead up to a negotiation as well as during live discussions.

Up-to-date claims data from providers is imported as fast as it is provided, meaning that users can see immediate impact on contract spend of changes in provider utilisation. NeMo is an immediate upgrade in reliability, accuracy and speed for teams who currently manage contract negotiations via email and spreadsheets.

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