Born out of health data science research, I+Plus is a clinical data focused business intelligence tool. The platform offers rich and responsive analysis in support of clinical comparison, benchmarking, contracting and the management of health service delivery.

I+Plus delivers provider performance information derived from the application of clinical measures of quality, value and safety as well as claims-scoring and predictive modelling capabilities.

Key benefits for users of I+Plus are:

  • Support business intelligence by benchmarking quality and performance metrics
  • Claims analysis to enable the investigation of high-priority issues
  • Provider referral and readmission analysis as it pertains to reducing or eliminating low-quality admissions, unnecessary readmissions and low-value services or procedures

I+Plus has been developed to support filtering of data by patient characteristics, treatments, DRGs, hospital peer groups and other factors, so the software can present results that compare ‘like with like’.

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