Lorica Health builds software that improves the fairness and efficiency of healthcare markets

Our products are the culmination of multi-year, multi-million dollar investments in R&D, as well as extensive industry testing led by an experienced, multidisciplinary team of data scientists, programmers and health experts. Lorica Health’s software products are underpinned by industry standard and open-source technologies designed to deliver strong return on investment for clients. We have proven expertise in rapidly adapting software for different healthcare data schemas, systems and markets. Our software is ‘living’ – ever evolving to adapt to the changing needs of customers.

Our software products are rapidly deployed and easily scaled. As a SaaS business, software enhancements, rule development and ongoing product support are a standard part of our product offering, and all of our products share a central data platform.

In partnership with the Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre, Lorica also invests in product R&D with the goal of increasing transparency, reducing low-value and low-quality care, and enabling evidence-based medicine.


Detecting claim errors


Behavioural analytics for fraud detection


Contract negotiation

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