Born out of health data science research, the I+Plus Clinical Analytics platform provides:

  1. Assessment of provider’s comparative performance across a range of key clinical and administrative indicators
  2. Analysis of actual and optimal payment models e.g. DRG case payments vs per diem
  3. Intuitive and responsive click-through navigation of large health data sets

I+Plus applies advanced statistical techniques to large volumes of historical claims and hospital discharge data to identify key features to then model the expected costs and lengths of stay for similar types of procedures/treatments. Each claim is then compared with its forecast value, allowing differences to be identified and reviewed.

I+Plus uses the Medicare Benefits Schedule treatment classification structure to establish models at the most appropriate level (node), with each model supporting predictions for hospital charges, prostheses charges, medical charges and length of stay.

I+Plus also support network analysis of health claims data, providing fresh insights into the nature and strength of relationships between health sector entities.

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