Lorica Health powers better healthcare by enabling a transparent, fair and efficient health marketplace.

Our Products


Detecting claim errors


Behavioural analytics for fraud detection


Contract negotiation

Our Services

Consulting Practice

Our unique service tackles issues across policy, strategy, funding and compliance integrity

Payment Integrity

Our practice offers our clients the ability to fully or partially outsource the management of inappropriate healthcare claims

Clinical Coding and Billing Audits

Our health information managers coordinate and manage all audit activities to ensure quality clinical coding based on coding conventions and standards

We weave together data science, software development and health expertise to create our global SaaS products.

Our solutions represent multi-year, multi-million dollar investments in research, development and industry testing. Lorica Health continues to invest in innovation and research, particularly through our partnerships with the Digital Health CRC.

How we can help you

Lorica offers both global SaaS products and tailored strategic services. Our combination of technologists, data scientists and health domain experts allows us to provide a unique service.

We’d love to hear from you.